2 level

16 - 28 February 2023, Egypt (Dahab)

16 - 28 February 2023, Egypt (Dahab)

This is a unique opportunity to take one or both courses on the Red Sea coast in the Osho-Kamp space.

What training values will you take for yourself:

  • In-depth shiatsu massage techniques (Prashantam's author's methods based on his medical and massage experience),
  • Basics of Chinese medicine,
  • Knowledge of energy meridians, acupressure,
  • Personal therapy and transformation process.
  • A proven structure of knowledge transfer through

experience and practice will help in this as well as high-quality transfer of material by the healer and master of Meditation Prashantam.

Daily bodily and spiritual practises are waiting for you:

  • Breathing exercises,
  • Active and quiet meditations,
  • Massage session.

And everything that benefits us and what we can apply in everyday life! Join us!

Founder of the method Prashantam about the School: "You are the first person to benefit from what the Divine Healing method teaches.

Naturally, you may find yourself in situations where others will need your help, participation and care. This is a journey for all those who want to learn meditation, learn how to feel good, how to live an easy and stress-free life and show creativity in all its aspects.

All bodily knowledge is obtained mainly from the study of shiatsu technique.

It is this technique that allows you to study your own body and interrelated processes at a deep level. And at the 2nd level of the School there is a qualitative transition from basic shiatsu technique to deep impact on internal organs, to what we can already call "directed healing".

For level 2, it is necessary to pass level 1 (approximately a week of training) of basic shiatsu technique (until February 15, 2023) in Egypt, Croatia, Italy or in Russia in the training centres of the O.D.H.A. School.