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"You are the first person to get benefits from what you learn with Divine Healing. Slowly slowly, you will be able to find yourself naturally in situations where you will be required to help, guide and treat others. It is a journey for all those who want to know meditation, to know how to feel good, to live a easy and stressless life and to express creativity in all aspects of the Life. "



Osho Divine Healing Arts  •  O.D.H.A.

ODHA 1When the body is not heal, it means it lost the ability to take care of itself. The training of the Osho Divine Healing Arts - O.D.H.A., made by Prashantam above the Osho vision, is a path of self-healing and personal growth.
“The healer is the healed” Osho reminds. That’s why the emphasis is all about ourselves and our own healing path; considering ourselves as a BODY-MIND-SPIRIT set.
To find that state of healthness, balance and harmony, we need to find that state of relaxation. In the training of the Osho Divine Healing Arts, we start to work with the physical body, learning and practicing the ancient technique of Shiatsu or digitopressure.

ODHA 2But not only: the state of relaxation and well-being is based on four fundamental pillars: Touch, Movement, Nourishment, and Meditation.
In Osho Divine Healing Arts, in fact, we learn and practice breath movements, called "exercises of DIVINE HEALING", various meditation and awareness techniques, nutrition and body care.
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Divine Healing Exercise
Breathing Movements

They are breathing movements, it means, body movements that are in connection with the breath. The Divine Healing exercises have been inspired by ancient Chinese and Japanese meditation techniques to nourish the "KI" (the vital energy flowing in our body), known as Qi-Gong in China and Shin-Tai-Do in Japan, and have been adapted to the needs and the reality of modern man by Prashantam. These exercises are excellent for health, body flexibility and strengthen the immune system as they harmonize the flow of "KI" along the meridians and the corresponding organs.
In order to achieve good results, consider these exercises as "breath movements", in which you relax in the action and focus on the breath, there will be an harmonious flow between body movements and correct and wide breathing.
An hour to devote ourselves to working on the awareness of body and breath. Particularly suitable for melting joints and easily regaining physical well-being.
Time to give to ourselves for working on the awareness of the body and breath. Particularly suitable for melting the joints and easily regaining physical well-being.
Suitable for all ages, they are also used by older people who have problems with other disciplines, since they do not require it to lie down and consist of harmonious and circular movements.
Anyone can practice exercises with immediate results because they are fun, easy, and extremely effective.
The result is to dissolve and let it flow.

Its benefits:
• Recovering contact with your own body
• Recognizing and releasing tensions that are created daily
• Energy Balancing and Muscle Rehabilitation
• Increasing and harmonizing the breath, local blood circulation and leading oxygen and nourishment to the cells
• They make a decisive action on the body's flexibility (spine and joints)
• They help to find a right posture and balance.

The Divine Healing exercises are part of the activity and teachings of the "Osho Divine Healing Arts – O.D.H.A." training