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This Body... The Buddha, a never ending love affair
From Wednesday 01 August 2018
To Sunday 05 August 2018
Contact +39 0577 960133; +39 0577 1910354 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Be in the body ! ... Love your body !.....Celebrate your body !.....all these are clear understandings that everybody relates to. 

Yet, your body remains a mystery and often difficult to take care .
This group will teach you how to be your body's best friend and how to express and enjoy  living healthy, powerfully connected with your body language with fulfilled sexuality.

Prashantam is a OSHO Divine Healer that created original and easy to use ways of self-healing and conscious living.
He was Director of the OSHO Oriental Healing Arts Institut (Pune) as well as of the SCUOLA O.D.H.A. 


Location Istituto Osho Miasto (Italy)