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the Gate to the Magic
From Saturday 21 July 2018
To Friday 27 July 2018
Have you noticed how much magic is around?
Our lifes are filled with magical moments, but often we do not identify it. Provoking situations in the family, permanent stress in the job slowly turn a strong human to a weak personality who is filled with complexes and fears.
But the happiness, awareness and the feeling of one's possibilities can be restored by plunging into the meditation process in the Summer camp with Prashantam. 
The whole week of Camp we will immersing in the structure of techniques of meditation, dances, evening events which help to restore our mental and physical health. 
Prashantam, has dedicated life to meditation and truly knows the way to bringing love.  
He will guiding us softly in search of magic in everyday life, will giving keys about how to stay healthy in the mind, to feel your body, to open your soul, or in other words, to open the heart.
The Camp will have a specific schedule and exercises where the participants will constantly able to look inside, discover way of meditation and scrutinize all secrets of their personality.
Location Mountains of Sochi, Russia