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Live Life like a Champion
From Wednesday 04 July 2018
To Sunday 08 July 2018
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Often, we are not happy with our live. We begin to feel oppressed and depressed. We lose the feeling of happiness. As if we are no longer able to make anything. In such moments, all the victories and achievements are forgotten, and merits do not count anymore.
But we are not born as such. We are born champions. We are already champions. Today. Here and now. We do not need to wait for the day when we suddenly wake up champions and everything will be fine. All doors are open to each of us. Anything is possible. No one is born worse or better than others.
It's just us. Champions, are those who realized this simple fact. Champions are masters, masters of their life. They move to the goal straight forward and never retreating or giving up whatever obstacles are standing on the way.
And at the end ... life, it's just a game. Through meditation, this game is a conscious game. And life is a conscious life.

Location St. Petersburg, Russia