"I am a lucky man. I feel fresh, playful, with an energy source that radiates from my heart and wishes to reach everyone.
My Osho is alive, His presence grows, it roots deeper and always more vividly with meditation.
In my work I channel the results of fifty years of inner research, together with the wisdom of an unusual and intense lifestyle.
The work I carry out with people advances day after day. It evolves and deepens through constant meditation, in immense gratitude to Osho, the door through which the essence of my being flourished."



“You are the first person to get benefits from what you learn with Divine Healing. Slowly slowly, you will be able to find yourself naturally in situations where you will be required to help, guide and treat others. It is a journey for all those who want to know meditation, to know how to feel good, to live a easy and stressless life and to express creativity in all aspects of the Life."